Poppy Sports Training: Treadmill or Dreadmill?

Are you challenged by running the treadmill?

We think it’s safe to say that running on a treadmill comes with its own challenges.  These mainly involve coming up with inventive ways of keeping it interesting while pounding away on a revolving track. 

Don’t worry, help is on the way!

In our second installment of indoor workouts for Poppy Sports enthusiasts, our head coach at the Poppy Sports Training Camps, Teresa Rider, suggests an intermediate treadmill workout to help get you through the winter.
Teresa Rider - Head Coach Poppy Sports Tri Coaching
Fresh back from the podium at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, we asked Teresa, ‘what are the benefits of the treadmill?’
  • ‘Firstly, to retain some of your cardiovascular fitness throughout the winter months when it is less motivating or dangerous to run in cold, windy, snowy, icy, or rainy weather!
  • Equally important, the treadmill also enables you to do specific sets that will increase strength, endurance and leg speed. There are always ways to use a treadmill to focus and ready to ramp up training in the spring.
  • Note:  Don’t get too comfortable with running inside on a treadmill.  Running on the smooth belt, with no wind in your face is much different than running on the road, track or a trail.  During those winter months try to get outside at least once or twice per week.’

Intermediate Treadmill Strength Session

This session will spike your heart rate and aerobic system with the inclines before going back down to flat.  This is teaching your body to recover while running fast.
The idea is to keep your speed the same the whole time at a comfortably uncomfortable pace.
Session: Total 62 minutes

10 min easy WARM UP

Main set:
1 min @ 6% incline
5 min flat (0 incline)
2 min @ 4% incline
5 min flat (0 incline)
3 min @ 2% incline
5 min flat (0 incline)

Repeat main set once through

10 min easy COOL DOWN