Oiselle Running Apparel – Lightweight, Colorful, Comfortable

Oiselle Running Apparel for Women – Lightweight, Colorful, Comfortable

Post by Laura Romeo, Poppy Sports runner and blogger

Oiselle: taking women's running apparel to new style levels

Let’s talk about Oiselle.  Now here is a an athletic brand designed for running women, that takes into account the importance of lightweight products, bright colors, and comfort. Just the fabric alone of one of Oiselle’s products will help you run faster.

“Oiselle” is French for “bird,” which founder and CEO Sally Bergesen chalks up to that sense of freedom and weightlessness a runner feels. You’ll notice that their logo is that of a small bird, which is only appropriate. I know running frees me from the burdens of the rest of the world, at least for a while. No one can contact me while I’m running, which sets my mind at ease. I return from a good run and the noise that screamed in my head before I ran quiets down, and I can hear myself think again.

But anyway, enough about me and back to Oiselle. I happily tried out the Lori running shorts and race day running tank from Oiselle, and I am hooked.

Since shopping online doesn’t allow you take something into a fitting room, sizing was my first concern. The top looked fine, but I worried the Lori shorts would be too big. As it turns out though, there was nothing to worry about. Both pieces were a perfect fit. The shorts sat nicely right on my hips, which is where I wish most running shorts would sit. Most of them are too high on my waist, but if I get a smaller size, well, they’re too small and that’s the end of that.

Silky smooth

Oiselle Race Day Tank
Race day tank with racer back styling

I also noticed the sublimely soft fabric. Unlike most of the running apparel I currently own, these products felt more like silk. I would not have guessed polyester combined with cotton could be so soft. Many of Oiselle’s running tops are 50% cotton and 50% polyester, which feels light and cool on the skin.

If you haven’t already gathered from my bemoaning, Denver has been a high-altitude oven for the past month. I had the privilege of giving my new outfit an initial test run on a sunny and baking afternoon. And the outfit felt great, regardless of the temperatures. The softer fabrics felt so much lighter than what I’m used to, as normally I have the kind of running tops with sports bras built inside that don’t always breathe very well. They can get restrictive in high heat and tend to stick to my skin, and I then have to peel them off when I’m done. The Oiselle top did no such thing. It was a looser fit but still flattering, and even though it was black, I didn’t feel nearly as hot as I expected.

Lori Shorts in Oiselle Orange; a perfect rise for a chafe free run

Chafe no more
And the shorts felt great. I have frustrating issues with shorts riding up as I run. It drives me nuts to have to pull them back down to avoid chafing. I don’t think a runner should have to worry about that. The Lori running shorts, however, didn’t ride up at all. I didn’t notice at first, but realized afterward that I didn’t adjust my shorts the entire time I ran. They were just as lightweight as the top and just as fabulous.

I have never owned a more comfortable pair of short running shorts, and I’ve owned a lot of pairs.  The Lori shorts are also the first pair I own that aren’t black; they’re my first of “retro” running shorts. They were a cheerful “Oiselle orange,” a color I have not seen elsewhere. I was torn between the orange and the blue. Oiselle also offers a shade of lavender for these shorts. I mean, really, who else sells lavender-colored shorts? I love that about Oiselle. Color is important.

Were there any cons to speak of?
Well, I have worn this outfit several times now and I have to say that no, I have found none. I fell in love; I admit it, I am biased. I have never been more tempted to gut my entire running apparel wardrobe – made up of forty million race t-shirts that I don’t wear, fifteen pairs of shorts that are too big, and several bra tops that get too hot – and replacing it all with Oiselle. I even had someone at the gym compliment my race day tank. I proudly told her it was Oiselle and urged her to try it for herself – and so should you.