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Mark Spring 2022 on your calendars.

Hot of the press in triathlon news is the announcement the sport is jumping on the controlled race environment. First there was the ‘Breaking-2’ project from Nike. Eulid Kipchoge broke the two hour marathon in a controlled race environment in a pair of really fast shoes. Next up? Breaking 8 and 7 in the Ironman distances, milestone times for female and male athletes respectively.

Taking on this landmark sporting challenge will be three-time Ironman World Championship runner-up Lucy Charles-Barclay (GB) and dual Olympic medalist Nicola Spirig (SUI).

They will be attempting to complete the 140.6 mile distance in under eight hours, beating the current women’s record by 18 minutes and 18 seconds.

And in a true controlled environment they will be calling on all the benefits available.

  • Thicker wetsuit than is currently permitted in race swims which should speed ’em up.
  • Drafting on the bike, currently prohibited, saving around 30-40% in energy

Breaking 8 is a legit possibility given the right circumstances. We cannot wait to see how this unfolds and what these ladies have in store for us.

“I love the long distance format and seeing where the limits are of what is possible and what the human body is capable of. I have never had a ceiling which I aim towards as I feel there are always ways to improve, drive forward and deliver more. This project is taking that to the very extreme which is why I am so excited to be a part of it and believe this will be the journey of a lifetime.”

– Lucy Charles-Barclay

They will be joined on the male side by reigning Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee (GB) and half-iron distance world record holder Kristian Blummenfelt (NOR). They will be looking to break the current men’s record of 7 hours, 35 minutes, and 39 seconds by going sub-seven hours.

This will play out as a year-long project. Talk about building the excitement here. And yes, sign us up to watch the whole event live, minute by minute. You can follow along the preparation via the athletes’ social accounts as well as through the project website

Cheri Pridham - Race Director WorldTour
Photo: VeloNews


Velo News reported recently on some ground-breaking news in the world of professional cycling. Team Israel Start-Up Nation announced the first female sports director on the WorldTour.

The bold boss is ex-pro cyclist Cheri Pridham, who has already owned and managed pro cycling teams in the UK.

Every women we see moving into prominent leading role in sports is another bold step forward. All eyes will be on Cheri and she knows it. Let’s hope her leading the way, will mean the appointment of future female directors of her will not be such monumental news. Onwards and upwards.

“I feel truly proud and privileged to be the first woman to serve as a sports director at the WorldTour level, joining one of the best teams in the world and being entrusted with great and legendary riders. So, for me, I want to get it right because when I do, I know that it will inspire others to take the same journey and that really does mean something to me.”

-Cheri Pridham

Bonnie Tsui - Why We Swim
Photo: RichRoll.Com


Need a little motivation to get back in the pool (if the pool lane can be reserved)? Missing the feeling of water? Now learn the reasons why you might be missing the feeling of being immersed in water.

Bonnie Tsui is the author of ‘Why We Swim,’ an exploration of humankind’s relationship with water that made TIME magazine’s list of 2020 Must Reads.

Rich Roll does a deep dive with Bonnie on his podcast. Himself a self-proclaimed swim nerd, listening to these two talk about the allure of water is motivational in itself. Dive in and you’ll be packing up your swim bag before the episode is over.

“We dare to jump so we can see something new. And sometimes we do it to recover a sense of what we once had.”

– Bonnie Tsui