I am Melanie. Let’s grow something bold together.

I am an avid endurance athlete, triathlete, swimmer, roadie and life-long learner.  Add to that, I have a full-on, rewarding career, I’m a mother and have had my life changed by all things endurance sports.

Lycra is my uniform of choice and I greet life with a smile. I believe in power of setting goals and the power of manifesting success.

Poppy Sports is my unique service for empowering female athletes and helping them to BLOOM in all areas of their lives through a unique mentoring program called ROOTED.


In the midst of my career, I found myself facing a dilemma. I was looking for a professional mentoring group that spoke to my roots both as an endurance athlete and a woman.

But, there were none.

I had my athletic posse and I wanted the same for my career. I was tired of not fitting in to ‘the boys club’, but not finding any women’s groups that spoke to who I was an athlete.

So guess what? I am firmly planting my own roots and growing the professional group I wanted, for female athletes like us.

As endurance athlete, we are all rooted in a lifestyle that is unique to us, and I created Poppy Sports so we can all BLOOM.


Coming in 2022 is ROOTED by Poppy Sports, a unique mentoring program for female endurance athletes. We teach you to use what you already know from sport and apply these principles to your corporate careers and/or entrepreneurial journey.

Every member in the ROOTED team gains entry to career and life mentorship plus regular masterclasses. These are based on successful techniques I have used in many professional settings

If your triathlon or running group could benefit from a live or virtual session to learn about how they can benefit from the ROOTED principles, get in touch to learn more about our group sessions.

ROOTED is also be available as a corporate service for forward-thinking companies looking to offer coaching to their female leaders.

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