Resources to Follow Women’s Sports

As we celebrate International Women’s Day we want to bring to our fellow active women the alarming statistic. According to a report from the Tucker Center at the University of Minnesota, 40% of sports participants are women, but only 4% of sport media coverage reports on women’s sport.

We’re taking that to heart at POPPYsports, doing our part to champion media that does outstanding reporting on women athletes. We’ve shared below some of our personal favorites, inviting you to listen, enjoy and share their astute and in-depth reporting. We can all make a difference if we all take a minute to spread their reach.

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Happy International Women’s Day to us all.

Live Feisty Media

Live Feisty is a media company founded by ex-pro athlete Sarah Gross. They share news stories from within an empowered, active endurance community. LiveFeisty Media has a well rounded social following. However, their power comes from their podcasts ‘IronWomen’ (see below) and ‘If They Were Riding’.

Watch founder Sarah Gross’ video about the ‘Why’ of Live Feisty.

LiveFeisty on Instagram:

IronWomen Podcast

From the LiveFeisty team comes a weekly podcast from two pro athletes Alyssa Godesky and Haley Chura. The two share their real-life adventures of training as women pro athletes. They talk about juggling schedules, travel, work and giving a real, life look at the path of female athlete. It’s not the NBA, let’s just say that!) Each episode also includes an interview with another female endurance athlete, not always a pro, but mostly.

Their interviews are sharp, engaging and showcase the journey of each woman in the sport. They cover every topic imaginable. From the obvious (training), to issues just beginning to enter the mainstream (pelvic floor anyone?)

Check out the podcast line up and listen in.

Ironman Women on Instagram:

lnternational Women's Day 2020

Women in Triathlon. Founded by Stef Hanson this global multimedia platform dedicated to women’s triathlon. The site is laced with an Aussie sense of humor, but serious reporting. Witsup covers the triathlon news in an engaging way with podcasts and live streaming. They are unique with in-depth women’s coverage of the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hi..

Not only do they cover the pros and advocate for equity in the sport of triathlon, Witsup also offers training and advice for newbies and age groupers in the sport.

Check out Hanson’s unusual interview style as she chased down pro Lucy Charles-Barclay. She follows her on a stand up paddle board to interview her mid-swim.

WitsUp on Instagram:

Women’s Running Magazine

Women’s Running Magazine has redefined itself to offer a bolder version of itself. It’s goal is to inspire women readers to be more informed and bolder versions of themselves. Their coverage of women’s pro running has become more comprehensive. As a result, they’re carving their voice in the media space of women’s sports. If you haven’t read Women’s Running for a while, it might be time to revisit.

Check out their latest feature on two of the top three women in the Olympic Marathon Trials who became American citizens and what it means to them to be part of Team USA.

Women’s Running on Instagram: