5 Tips for Preparing for Triathlon Training

There is a lot of google action and advice when it comes to triathlon training. Before you even start, take on board these five tips for a good training season ahead.

Racing Strategy & Goals

Planning and defining the race season when it is still winter outside can be a great part of the tri season! Do you start with lofty goals beyond your ability, and then fine-tune them down to reality?  We do, but always with a new goal in mind for the year. 

Planning ahead and setting your goals is the starting block before embarking on a triathlon training season.

Training Plan 

You cannot have a training plan without first having a race strategy.  With that in the bag, look at what it will take to reach those goals. 

Will there be shorter distances to use as preparation for the longer races.  Are you considering attending a triathlon training camp to take training to the next level? 

Break down the task into pre-season and in-season training while setting weekly and monthly goals to keep on track.

Gear Check

Open up your Pandora’s Box of tri gear and decide what can stay and what can go. This not only applies to apparel but also to equipment.

Give the bike a good once over and arrange a tune up and a good pre-season cleaning and lubing. 

Wetsuits?  Hopefully, with such a high-ticket item, you have preserved the suit in a glass case worthy of the Crown Jewels, and now is the time to take it out and give it a thorough examination. 

If you need to reinvest, then knowing before the season starts will give you the chance to budget.  Talking of which…..


Remove any financial stress around the time of the race by budgeting in advance.

The reality is that races are not free and there is a good reason.  Anyone who has been involved in an organized event knows the time, effort and hard work involved to pull it off on race day. Entrance fees are not the only expenses to consider however. There could be fundraising costs for a charity race, travel and accommodation expenses, and arranging childcare if needed.

It all adds up and it makes sense to budget for your races just like any other of life’s expenses. 

Remove any financial stress around the time of the race by preparing in advance.

Share and Prepare

Share your race calendar with family and friends and prepare your family/partners/dog for your absences during the race season. 

Triathlon and long distance endurance events are a challenge to balance between your time and friends/family time. Talking about your racing, plans and commitments ahead of time will keep expectations in check. We believe we can all do better at this, and reminding ourselves is a good first step!